Cher-Mère Aromatherapy Facials - The perfect blend of deep cleansing and relaxation

One of our top services at Cher-Mère spas is our facials. I think what makes facials so enjoyable, is that perfect blend of getting the satisfaction of a deep cleaning whilst letting go and also being able to relax. It also helps that we tailor our facials to your skin type, using one of four skin care lines for oily to combination skin, acne prone skin, dry and sensitive skin types and a line specifically for men. 

Daily up keep using a daily skin care regimen is important and we recommend that if you can, come in for a facial every 6 weeks or at least once a season. 

Cher-Mère Aromatherapy Facials start with a deep cleanse using Cher-Mère's cream based makeup remover followed by gentle exfoliation. At this point the skin is analyzed under a magnifying lamp to determine which product line should be use. The facial continues with steaming; extraction to remove deeply embedded blackheads and whiteheads;  massage; and masking. Have a look at this quick video demonstrating facials. We have several facial options and hope to have the opportunity to serve you with a most relaxing experience!


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