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  We all understand the struggle of having face acne, but a lot of us are now suffering from acne showing up under our masks. Trying to stay safe is a priority for all of us and wearing a face mask daily is helping reduce the spread of COVID-19! Here are some steps to help eliminate pimples from showing up underneath the mask.  Step 1: Use a cleanser in the morning when you wake up and at night before bed. We have many cleansers made for your specific skin type. From our charcoal facial wash to chocolatte wash, moringa face...

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We know the importance of taking care of our skin, especially in the winter. Trying to keep up personally and professionally can be a daunting task with not enough hours in the day. How are we supposed to socialize and keep on top of looking and feeling our best all at the same time? A facial, especially with a friend, can have you feeling like you are taking care of yourself as well as your bestie.  Put a smile on your BFF’s face, while also treating yourself to the relaxing face, scalp and neck massage that is included in every...

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I am sure that you can find hundreds of articles about the benefits of facials but this is not one them. I am sharing with you why I think they are the best. To me its similar to that feeling just after you have cleaned something, whether it be that messy drawer (we all have one); your house or your car - that feeling of accomplishment and contentment all bundled into one. Facials have a utilitarian purpose to provide a deeper cleansing of pores than we can at home. Our face is inundated daily with different elements: environmental; fingers touching...

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