More Spa for Less!


We can all do with more relaxation in our lives. In our world that is fast paced and stressful, it is essential to pause for some relaxation. Just as one would regularly exercise and have a consistent diet, so to frequent visits to the spa not only make you feel good but are good for you. Continuity in your skin and body treatments provide consistent result of stress relief, detoxification, improved circulation, skin tone and texture. With a Cher-Mère Day Spa Membership, you can reap the health and wellness benefits from regular spa visit at an affordable price.

The Cher-Mère Day Spa Membership is a 6 month program from $22/biweekly and entitles you to one of the following services on a monthly basis:

  • Brazilian Wax
  • Pedicure
  • Shellac Manicure
  • Lash Fill
  • 40 Minute Back, Neck and Scalp Massage
  • 30 minute Microdermabrasion Treatment

Every spa membership includes monthly treatment(s) plus exclusive perks and benefits. As a member you may save 20% on additional spa treatments and 20 % off Cher-Mère retail products at Cher-Mère Day Spa.

Enjoy unlimited access to all treatments Monday – Sunday.

Terms and Conditions:

  • I agree to allow Cher-Mere Day Spa to charge my credit card on a bi-weekly basis for the purpose of my membership fee under the terms and conditions of my Membership Agreement.
  • Membership is for a 6 month period.
  • Your credit card and email address is required for participation in our membership wellness program. 
  • I may revoke credit card authorization after fulfilling a minimum of a 4 month payment schedule by providing 30 days notice in advance of my next pre-authorized payment date. I agree that revocation of this authorization does not terminate my agreement and that I will continue to be responsible for any outstanding fee or dues in respect of my Membership Agreement.
  • I understand that if I choose to end this membership earlier than 4 months from the date that this contract is signed, my credit card will be billed a one-time cancellation fee of $200.
  • I agree to inform Cher-Mere Day Spa of any change in my credit card information (ie. expiry date) within 5 days of the next pre-authorized payment.
  • I acknowledge that the charge for dishonoured pre-authorization payment is $25.00.
  • No blackout dates, valid 7 days a week, except during spa closure for holidays. All appointments are subject to availability.
  • Advanced appointments made must be rescheduled 48 hours in advance or the appointment is considered a used treatment and I will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.
  • Appointments cannot be cancelled they may only be rescheduled.
  • Memberships may not be transferred or shared. 
  • Membership are non-refundable.
  • Member discounts may not be combined with other discounts, promotions or packages and are not valid for gift card purchases.
  • Membership treatments that are not used in the month will rollover once and can be used for 1 month after the charged date.
  • You may use only one rollover per month. 
  • This agreement may be terminated at any time by a member provided that at least thirty days’ notice is given in advance of the next payment cycle.
  • As of the effective date of a cancellation, any unused rollovers expire.
  • All prices are subject to change.
  • Cher-Mère reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the membership program upon advance prior written notice.
  • Price does not include HST.
    Click here to pay for membership, by paying for membership you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.