How to Take Care of Your Body this Winter

How to Take Care of Your Body this Winter

It’s starting to get colder and before you know it there will be snow! The lack of moisture in the air causes our skin and hair to retain less hydration. Let’s discuss ways to keep your skin hydrated because no one wants dry, itchy, scaly skin.

Lotion and oil and butter and oil and lotion and butter and oil.

How often should you moisturize? The rule of thumb when it comes to applying body lotion, butter or oil is to apply after your skin has been exposed to water. After your shower, wash your face or go for a swim, be sure to have your moisturizer handy to keep your skin happy.

There are three main body care products Cher-Mere carries which are body lotions, body oils and body butters. Body butter is a combination of body lotion and oil. So what is the difference between body lotion and body oil? Body lotion is lightweight, water based and penetrates the skin whereas body oil is you guessed it oil! Cher-Mere body oil is equally as lightweight but provides a physical barrier on your skin to protect from dryness. There’s no right answer to which is better, it simply depends on personal preference (so try both)!

Cher-Mere has plenty of options when it comes to body care. Below we’ll break down our body care lines to find what suits you best!

Amazing Body Line

The amazing body line includes body lotion, body oil, body scrub, and body butter. This line has a milder scent and contains organic jojoba, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E. Shea butter contains high levels of linoleic acid and oleic acid. These two acids work seamlessly together so that the butter is easy for your skin to absorb without clogging your pores. If you prefer products without fragrance then this line is for you!

Hemp Body Line

Cher-Mere hemp body line carries both hemp and shea butter body care and hemp and cocoa butter body care. Our hemp body products have a very strong scent, and include: body lotion and body oil. Hemp and cocoa butter is a luxurious, rich body care that uses organic coconut, cocoa butter and hemp seed oil.

Hemp and shea rolls smoothly onto the skin and contains organic shea butter, sweet almond oil and hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the skin including zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin C. The anti-aging properties can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent signs of aging from developing. Hemp is a powerhouse ingredient for taking care of your body. 

Body Butter

If you suffer from extra dry skin in the winter time body butter is your best friend to soothe and hydrate your body.

Doux Doux is a sweet smelling body butter that moisturizes dry, ashy looking skin so it feels soft and smooth. Made with honey, cocoa and shea butter to easily absorb without clogging pores.

Protector cream is the perfect body butter for the colder months with cocoa butter being the main ingredient.  The protector cream forms a protective barrier to seal moisture in all day and night.

Don’t forget to exfoliate!!!

Lastly, the most important thing to note is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin will greatly help the body lotion or oil seep into your skin to provide the full benefits. Dry skin needs to shed, by exfoliating in your shower it ensures the removal of flakes: dead skin cells. This will regenerate your skin cells a lot faster.

Amazing body scrub is a sweet, nutty gentle scrub that easily exfoliates dry skin. With organic ingredients like jojoba, shea butter and almond oil, the amazing body scrub leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Hott foot pediscrub is not just for your feet! Use it on your legs, arms, back, heck anywhere you have dry skin, just maybe not your face we have facial scrubs for that.


Winter doesn’t have to destroy your skin. Remember to exfoliate, and apply either a lotion, oil or butter after. Apply to damp skin to reap the full benefits. Happy moisturizing! Any questions? Comment down below.


- Ffion, Digital Media Coordinator

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