Adult Acne and How to Gain your Confidence Back

Adult Acne and How to Gain your Confidence Back

First things first anyone can have acne even in their 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.  During my teenage years, I had a pimple every so often and was reassured I would grow out of it.  Once you’re out of your teens: no more acne!..... or so I thought.  I have struggled with acne for several years.  I have tried several medications, various amounts of cleansers and combinations of topicals.  It has taken a lot of education and trial and error to find products that truly work for my sensitive skin.  Having clear, and clean skin is really important as it’s one of the first things I notice.  If you can relate to struggling to find confidence in your skin then keep reading I promise it gets better!

Due to hormones as well as wearing masks for 10 hours a day, my face seemed to constantly break out.  I felt incredibly insecure with painful cysts on my face so much so that I was relieved to wear a mask outside.  I would even make excuses to not hang out with my friends because of my acne.  Looking in the mirror, I would examine my face and break down.  I was determined to find a solution, however I felt alone.  I felt ashamed that something like acne, which you have trouble with during puberty, was still haunting me.  However, finding a good routine and products have truly saved my skin so here are some tips to help out!

  1. Make sure to wash your face regularly: in the morning and in the evening.  During these tough times in the pandemic, your skin can feel suffocated.  It is key to wash your hands and avoid touching your face at all costs!  Even after wearing my mask for long periods of time, taking a face cloth or makeup wipe to refresh my skin truly helped.  Your skin needs to breathe! 
  2. Testing out products before you use them on your face.  Sometimes due to the nature of your skin and body preferences some products simply won’t react well.  I learned very quickly that any kind of hyaluronic acid cleanser immediately caused breakouts!  By testing the product on the inside of your arm, you can be sure that it won’t irritate your skin.
  3.  Seek professional help.  If you feel hopeless, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor or consult a dermatologist, they are here to help and they can offer you other solutions than topicals or over the counter medication. 

When looking for products to help clear your skin I always look at the ingredients.  Tea tree oil, charcoal and goldenseal are often used to treat acne prone skin as they reduce inflammation without adding moisture.  Cher-Mere’s Acne line contains tea tree oil and goldenseal!  Here is how I incorporate each product into my daily routine:

  • Oatmeal Facial Wash Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil, Passion Fruit and Cucumber used twice a day, once in the AM, the other in the PM.

  • Toner 3 with Golden Seal and Tea Tree Oil used once daily, after I cleanse in the morning. 

  • Acne Manager Day Gel with Golden Seal and Tea Tree in the morning if needed.

  • Acne Manager Night Care with Golden Seal, Tea Tree used nightly to help heal my skin overnight.

If you are looking to try new products or switch up your routine, I highly suggest Cher-Mere’s acne line.  The acne line’s main priority is calming and preventing breakouts.  My favourite product from the line is the Oatmeal cleanser. 

It’s refreshing as the passion fruit combined with the cucumber leaves your skin feeling soothed.  Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which effectively calms redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.  

Be consistent with your routine and I urge you to keep a positive mindset!  Results take time, don’t feel defeated if one charcoal mask doesn’t magically solve your skin problems.  If you enjoyed reading this post, let us know below in the comments!  Feel free to leave any questions you might have too!


-Ffion, digital media coordinator at Cher-Mere 

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