How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

How to Take Care of Your Skin This Winter

Dry itchy skin is a party for one and you’re not invited.  Let’s get ahead of mother nature and start protective measures ASAP.  At Cher-Mere, we invest in natural ingredients that contain moisturizing properties, rich with vitamins and most importantly are herbal and eco-friendly.

Cocoa and shea butter are two ingredients that Cher-Mere uses consistently throughout our body products: oil, lotion and butter.  Both cocoa and shea butter contain fatty acids that work your skin to retain moisture but what’s the difference?  Is one better for your skin than the other? Let’s dissect their differences.

Starting with cocoa butter.  The fats in cocoa butter are incredibly important to retaining skin’s moisture as well as it can help replenish your skin stratum corneum lipids. “‘Skin stratum corneum is our skin’s barrier. It’s made of a brick (protein) and mortar (lipid) structure,’ explains Bailey. ‘The lipids are essential for skin barrier health’”.  Cocoa butter also contains cocoa mass polyphenol, CMP, which may also help the skin from premature damage and aging.  Therefor promoting the overall health of your skin.

Next, onto the benefits of shea butter. “‘Shea butter contains linoleic acid, which has benefits when applied topically, especially since skin cells can’t make this acid on their own,’ says Bailey”.  Shea butter is considered to be an anti-inflammatory and several antioxidants making it able to reduce redness, boost collagen production, and reduce collagen loss.  Unlike cocoa butter, shea butter is also non comedogenic meaning it will not block your pores. 

A combination of both cocoa and shea butter will yield the most effective results hence why Cher-Mere products often use a combination of both as well as other vitamins and oils.  All October, we are offering 20% off body products and body treatments!  To redeem, use code BODY21 at checkout.  Have any questions or concerns?  Leave us a comment! 

- Ffion, digital media coordinator 


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