Massages are More Than Just Relaxing

Massages are More Than Just Relaxing

Does your body feel tight, stiff or sore?  Are you constantly feeling tired?  Let’s take a moment to scan through our bodies.  Close your eyes, sit up straight and take a deep breath.  As you breathe, focus on the areas of your body that feel overworked, sore, and fatigued.  Our bodies are incredibly powerful and as such we must take care of them properly.  

Proper nutrition, exercise, and rest are vital.  Another important form of care for our bodies is massage.  Massage benefits can include physical relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief for tight or sore muscles, greater flexibility and range of motion, and improving immune function.  At Cher-Mere we offer a variety of massages and body treatments.  We make a new, unique blend of aromatherapy massage oils for every massage – personalized to the specific requests of our clients. In addition to aromatherapy massages, we also offer hot stone massage which ensures deep muscle and tissue relaxation through the placement and use of warm basalt stones. All of our massages are performed by estheticians and are not registered masseuses. Book online.  

Our body treatments use an invigorating blend of sea botanicals and sea salts to exfoliate and nourish the skin.  All body treatments include a steam component in which a portable steam tent is placed over your body for 10 - 15 minutes. The benefit of steam therapy is two-fold,  detoxification through sweat and the absorption of the wrap and scrub mixtures into the skin.  

 Regular massage and body treatments can seriously improve your mental and physical health by lowering your stress long term, reducing muscle pain, and lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.  Take some time for yourself and try one of our massages or body treatments; it might just change your life!

- Ffion Turner-Lawrence, Digital Media Coordinator
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