Masque au chocolat

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Cher-Mère Le masque Chocolatte est naturellement riche en antioxydants, en vitamine E et en minéraux qui rajeunissent la peau et réduisent les rides. Il améliore la texture de la peau pour une peau éclatante et intemporelle.


Kaolin, argile, chocolat.


1. Nettoyez et tonifiez la peau avec l'un de nos Cher-Mère nettoyants et toners .

2. Placez environ 1 cuillère à soupe de masque dans la paume d'une main. Ajoutez suffisamment d'eau pour faire une pâte (ni trop épaisse, ni trop fine!). Appliquez sur tout le visage, à l'exception de vos yeux et sur votre bouche! Laisser sécher pendant 10 à 15 minutes, puis rincer à l'eau froide. Utilisez toutes les deux semaines.

3. Appliquez l'un de nos Cher-Mère hydratants .

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Kasaboski
Love it!

I have been using the Chocolatte Mask for about two months now and am really loving it. It took me a bit of work to figure out how to get the ratio of water to powder right, but my suggestion would be to start with a bit more water to powder ratio to start and then it's easier to add more powder after to get the desired mask thickness.

**Key tip: use warm to hot (but not super hot) water for the mixture! I had a hard time getting the powder to start mixing with cold water but as soon as I turned up the temperature on my tap, it was SO much easier and started dissolving right away.

One of the staff members gave her own tip of mixing the mask right in the lid of the container and that has been a great little tip too. I just put some powder and water in, mix it with my fingers, adjust to the thickness desired and then put it on with an easy rinse and dry of the lid when I'm done!

Overall I have really enjoyed this mask. I use it on a regular weekly or bi-weekly basis and find that it is relaxing to put on, it doesn't feel like my skin is burning or getting too tight underneath (like with drugstore versions sometimes), and when I wash it off, my face looks and feels clean and brightened. Ingredients you can pronounce, fully recyclable packing, shopping local from a super nice team of people, and feel-good skin - what more could a girl ask for? :D

Quantity wise: I have been using the same jar for about two months now and am just now getting close to the bottom.