Summer is finally here! - Dee Brissett

Summer is finally here! - Dee Brissett


At last… Summer's here and restrictions are lifting!!! What will you do first?

Will you finally pamper yourself for that long overdue spa session? Whether you plan to keep things low-key this summer or live your best life (following the updated safety protocols) summer is FINALLY here and I heard it’s a #hotgirlsummer! 


It’s no secret that a large number of us have simply fallen off our routine when it comes to 

  • self care
  • skin care
  • or body maintenance

So, before we step out and start exploring what summer in Canada has to offer, let’s take a moment to plan how we will get back in the groove of things. 



  1. Do you have anything to wear?
  2. How is your skin and body doing?
  3. What products are we working with?

Okay, so this seems pretty straight forward right? Maybe some of you may think this is like riding a bike and we can just hop back on and some of us can’t relate to that. (I am team can’t relate to that because I need to feel good in my clothes in order to wear it). It’s time to try on our outfits to see how they fit and find out how we feel in them! 

What’s your go-to summer look?


You’ve got the perfect outfit and now you realize it’s been a few months or weeks since your last grooming session. Hairy legs and an unkept bikini line have been the least of our concern for sure. But now, it’s all we can think about! It’s finally pool and beach season here in Canada so let’s gear up to look and feel our best!

First up, we need to care for our skin. 

  • Healthy skin will yield radiant skin. It is so important to properly cleanse, moisturize and treat the skin so we see the best results from it. 

As for grooming and body care, if you shave, wax, or remove any body hair it is extremely important to 

  • treat the area with a gentle scrub
  • tone regularly
  • and moisturize often to decrease your chances of ingrown hairs. 


What products do you like to use? 

I recommend the Intimate Care Line because it was created with our bikini lines in mind! After using the products from this line, your skin will be refreshed and moisturized which will leave your skin soft to the touch. 

The best part is you can get it all right here on our website and the products are easy to use and are meant for all skin types! Let’s kick those unkept bikini lines to the curb so we can live it up this summer!

Thank you so much for being here. I hope you enjoyed this post and stick around for more. Don’t forget to leave a comment to answer any of the questions previously asked. I’d love to hear about your summer plans and which products from the line you're most excited to try!





Hey guys! My name is Dee and I’m a Canadian Creator, Blogger and Pro-Shopper. I’m so excited to join the Cher-Mere team as the Social Media Content Provider! I hope you come back to enjoy more time with me here on the blog! I’d love to get to know our readers and supporters!


Here’s a little more about me:

I’m a nature lover, plant mama and mom of two girls. I was born and raised in Jamaica and I’m two years into my loc journey. I love sharing tips and tricks to help everyone find products and services that they’ll really enjoy! I am my best creative self when surrounded by greenery and good vibes. I am a foodie at heart while living a healthy and active lifestyle. I enjoy blogging because I love being a writer among many other things and I love the connections made through blogging. 

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