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Cheryl & Aba's Story

Passing on the Legacy from Mother to Daughter - The Ongoing Legacy of Cher-Mère - A family affaire

In the Beginning: Cheryl Bowles, Biochemist, Founder and Managing Director, gave up her top executive job at Nestlé, where she was the company’s first woman Executive, Chief Chemist, Head of Quality Control, and Head of Research and Development in Trinidad & Tobago to pursue the development of the brand that would become Cher-Mère. The name Cher-Mère, meaning “Dear Mother” in French was derived from the unity of  the first part of  Cheryl’s name and part of Merle, her mother’s (deceased) name.

The Journey: Over thirty years ago, Bowles trusted her instincts and decided to chart a new course through an unknown terrain. With vivid memories of her grandmother using the peeled skin of the cucumber on her face for improved complexion; and fresh aloe and the white of an egg to make a facial mask, Ms. Bowles was armed with first-hand knowledge of the Caribbean’s possession of some of nature’s best herbs and botanica for the appearance of youthful, healthy and vivacious looking skin.  It is from this arsenal of knowledge and technical expertise that Cher-Mère’s natural product blends have been formed.

The future: Dr. Aba Bowles-Mortley, Cheryl’s daughter, has always been an active part of the company and now continues on the legacy in the position of Assistant General Manager/International Marketing. As a small child, no older than 5 years old,  Aba would often accompany her mother to trade shows, explaining to potential clients the benefits of local herbs used in the teas that were sold. As Aba grew older, she has covered every facet of the company from production to distribution, even working as an esthetician in the Day Spas, and has been given the name “the little boss” from inception. Now with a PhD in Materials and Chemical Engineering, Dr. Mortley continues to forge ahead and build on the brand that is Cher-Mère.

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