How to Shave Pubic Hair: effectively and comfortably

How to Shave Pubic Hair: effectively and comfortably

Swimsuit season is fast approaching and sooner than later we’ll be getting our summer cuts (even down there)!  There are many ways to remove your pubic hair, but the easiest at home method for most is shaving.  Let’s talk about how to shave your pubic hair and what are some of the best practices we recommend you follow. 

*Disclaimer* We are not encouraging you to remove your hair, it is up to YOU whether you choose to remove hair from any region of your body.

Getting Ready to Shave

Before jumping right into the makeover session, let’s be sure to prep our skin.  

  1. Trimming: If your pubic hair is too long you might run into some problems.  Carefully trim the area so that the hair is around 1 inch in length. 
  2. Cleanse: Wash the area with some gentle soap and water.  It’s important to use warm water as this will help soften and open up the hair follicles. Never dry shave (that’s when problems like razor burn, ingrown hairs and redness happen)!  
  3. Exfoliate: This is a crucial step to ensure that no dirt or oil will seep into the hair follicle after shaving. The Cher-Mere Intimate Care Gentle Exfoliator gently exfoliates dead skin cells from the bikini line. Our Intimate Care Gentle Exfoliator will provide a deep clean to assure no clogged pores.  Pores that are blocked can cause ingrown hairs: when the hair cannot break through the opening and instead curls back underneath the surface.  Exfoliation is necessary in order to prevent ingrown hairs. 

Time to Shave

  1. Lather up: using your shaving cream of choice, or even a bar of soap, lather on a foamy layer covering all of the area you wish to shave.
  2. Grab your razor: be sure to use a new razor that hasn't dried out or rusted.  Old dirty razors can hold on to bacteria and cause ingrown hairs, razor burn etc. 
  3. Shave: always shave in the direction of hair growth to your heart’s content! 

Post Shave Care

Now that you’ve done the hard part, we recommend using our Cher-Mere Intimate Care Lotion and Cher-Mere Intimate Care Tonic.  The intimate care tonic is fortified with teat ree, aloe vera, lavender and chamomile, which helps to minimize irritations caused by shaving.  The Intimate Care Lotion moisturizes and fluffs the bikini region after the use of the exfoliator and tonic.  

How to Deal with Itchiness, Redness, and Razor Burn Post Shave

If your pubic area is itchy, after shaving, we recommend using a cooling lotion such as aloe vera, hydrocortisone, witch hazel or Cher-Mere Intimate Care Lotion.  Wear loose clothing and keep the skin uncovered so it can breathe and calm down.  

By following the above steps you can reduce the possibility of redness, itchiness and razor burn.  A dull or used razor can pull the hair and redirect the follicle resulting in ingrown hairs and razor burn. Using a new razor head will glide along your skin effectively removing hair without causing any ingrown hairs. The pubic area is very sensitive so it’s very important to follow the steps above to ensure happy and healthy skin.

- Ffion, Digital Media Coordinator 

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