Are Henna Brows for You?  Things to know before trying this treatment...

Are Henna Brows for You? Things to know before trying this treatment...

Henna Brows are a form of eyebrow tinting which is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs to create an illusion of fullness and depth. Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a plant-based dye created from the henna tree, also known as Egyptian privet, and mignonette tree. The leaves of the henna plant contain a natural coloring pigment that is used for temporary body art, coloring hair, dye skin, fingernails as well as fabrics such as leather, wool, and silk.  Take a look at some before and after shots below:

How long do henna brows last? 

Henna brow treatments will stain the skin for up to two weeks and dye the hair up to eight weeks.  Henna is a great alternative for those who have sensitive skin and might react badly.  For people who struggle to design and fill in their brows, henna brows gives them a base shape to follow. It is especially good for anyone with little or no hair on their brows.  Henna works best with those who have fine fluffy hairs.  People with old permanent makeup or tattooed eyebrows can freshen up the brow colour from fading too.

How much does henna brows cost?

Here at Cher-Mere our henna eyebrow treatment costs $75.00. 

Eyebrow Henna vs. Eyebrow Tint

Tinting uses a vegetable pigment that is mixed with a peroxide activator.  The tint lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks on the hair.  If you prefer to keep your brows natural, tinting can provide a hint of colour without going too dark or unnatural. 

Henna does not need any form of peroxide to activate. The formula helps to strengthen hair and restore growth to the brows. Henna penetrates the follicle and stains the skin, so it lasts longer on the brows than tinting does.  Giving the brows a structured, filled-in look! 

We offer both Henna Brows and Eyebrow Tinting services.  Book your appointment online today!

- Ffion, Digital Media Coordinator



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