Give Back Projects

Community Care: "Give-Back Project"


Cheryl Bowles, founder and CEO of the The Herbarium Ltd. parent group of Cher-Mère has  continuously supported the development of groups and organizations within the society, and as such has established a division within the company which` handles numerous requests on a weekly basis from organizations and persons throughout Trinidad and Tobago. In 2003, the staff of the Herbarium Ltd was approached with the concept of donating $20.00 per month toward a special Community Care fund called "Give-Back Project".  The staff members were given a further incentive in that whatever they had generated over the year, will be matched by the company.   The members of staff fully supported this project. 

The Canadian branch of Cher-Mère was opened in August 2013. Just as with our Caribbean locations, Cher-Mère Canada from the start has taken up the mantle of giving back to the community.  Cher-Mère Canada is a member of 1 in 100 + Women Kingston. As faith would have it, Dr. Aba Mortley spoke on behalf of our nominated charity, Youth Diversion and as the winning charity, we were able to turn that $100 donation to over $12,000 to Youth Diversion.

On Friday, Sept. 26, the group presented the proceeds from their inaugural meeting, a staggering $12,930, to Daren Dougall, executive director of the Youth Diversion Program, at the program's headquarters, located in the Boys and Girls Club building on Bagot Street.

For Movember, we recruited some fine gentlemen,  whose team, the Sir John A MoDonalds grew there mustaches for a great cause! Thanks Mike and team!

In addition to our staff donations, the company also donated proceeds of every Friday's sales in November to the Campaign.

Other charities we have donated to since August 2013 to present are as follows:

  • United Way Kingston 
  • Food Sharing Project
  • Heart and Stroke Canada
  • Youth Diversion Kingston
  • The Food Sharing Project
  •  Queen’s Shinerama
  • Poppy Memorial
  • Kingston 4 Paws
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Wanabo Centre for Aboriginal Women
  • Save a Life Syria
  • Breast Cancer Action Kingston
  • Heather Haynes African Initiatives
  • Community Foundation of Kingston
  • Dress for Success
  • KGH Kids Cancer Foundation
  • Lunch by George
  • The Food Bank
  • The Alzhimers Society of KPF&L 
  • United Way
  • & several fundraising endeavours for schools, clients and the Kingston Community.