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Cher-Mere Day Spa is located on the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinabek.

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Review of our Curling Butter Courtesy Yasmin  @yasmin_abdo

Review of our Curling Butter Courtesy Yasmin @yasmin_abdo

Today's blog is courtesy a lovely Kingston Blogger, Yasmin on her experience with our INatural Curling Butter.


I think this may already be a given, but I am an absolute beauty junkie! I love buying new beauty products and testing them out. The best feeling is when I get a new product and it actually delivers on what it claims. The worst is when you buy a product and it just doesn’t work and you feel like you wasted money (I have been there far to many times! I don’t even want to think about how much money I have wasted because it will make me want to vomit.)
Today, I am here to share a PHENOMENAL product that I picked up at our local Cher-Mere Day Spa!
As you know from my curly hair post (, I stopped straightening my hair (except for rare special occasions) and have been working on bringing my curls back to life! Ever since that post, my hair has been SOOO much healthier and I have found it so much easier to maintain. Here is an evolution of my hair journey:
(That first photo of me with short hair is from February, 2014 – NEVER cutting my hair that short again. It was just too difficult to deal with!)


My curly hair routine that I mentioned in that post has not changed except for the products that I use. I picked up the INATURAL Curling Butter from Cher-Mere Day Spa and was pretty much sold on the smell alone. I cannot express to you enough how YUMMY this Curling Butter smells! I have had so many compliments from ladies at my office (one of them literally came up behind me and started sniffing my hair while I was sitting at my desk!)


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