5 Reasons to Get a Facial to Keep your Skin Looking its Best during the Winter

5 Reasons to Get a Facial to Keep your Skin Looking its Best during the Winter

If you feel like your skin is looking dull during these long winter months, it’s not just the lack of vitamin D that’s to blame. The combination of seasonal dryness and the habit of hibernating with a good Netflix binge causes our complexions to look as tired as we feel. But there is a simple solution! A  little tender, love and care and your skin doesn’t need to fall victim to seasonal sadness. Here are five benefits to staying on top of your skincare routine with a facial this season:

1. Aid in circulation: You’ve heard that a massage improves blood circulation but did you know that a facial can have the same benefit? 

2. Increases absorption: You might be using the best skincare products but your skin might not be able to get all of the benefits of your skincare routine. A facial can help smooth the skin and prime it to reap the benefits of your favourite Cher-Mere products. 

3. Resets the skin: Our skin is exposed to so much pollution, facials open up the pores and remove dead skin cells, resulting in that dewy glow.

4. Gets rid of dark circles and bags: The post-holiday hangover is real. The skin under our eyes might need a little extra attention now more than ever and a facial will do just that, lightening dark circles and reducing puffiness.

  • 5. Tailored treatment: a facial goes far past an hour-long appointment, your esthetician can share insight on how to treat your skin type moving forward so that you can maintain that post-facial glow!

  • Treating yourself to an Aromatherapy facial and hot oil hair steam is just what you need to combat the winter blues. And guess what, we’re here to help with a special on this service -- $99. To top it off, all of our skin and hair care products are 50% off this month. And a bonus $5 off your service in January when you bring in feminine products and toiletries for a local charity.

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