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Henna Designs

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Henna Designs at Cher-Mere are perfect for any occasion.

Embellish your hands, arms, feet, legs, back, chest, shoulders or stomach with a beautiful henna design customized for you.

Add this service to any hands and feet service or organize a henna party with a group of friends.

Henna Designs at Cher-Mere start at $40 and vary depending on the size and intricacy of the design

Cher-Mère products are natural, herbal, and eco-friendly.

The Cher-Mère brand supports over 40 products for skin, hair, and body because we want to guarantee a wonderful product experience for everyone – and we believe that starts with tailoring the product to you. Our vision is to make products for people of all ages and skin tones – inspired by the mosaic of Caribbean people.

Our products do the job, honey — they feel incredible and give you results which keep skin and hair moisturized and healthy.

We hope that you join our Cher-Mère family!

Aba Talks Natural Products

Cher-Mere products are natural and healthy. We use simple ingredients that we know are effective. We don't rely on fillers or gimmicks to give the illusion of an effective product.

  • All Natural

    All Natural

  • No Animal Testing

    No Animal Testing

  • Eco-Friendly


  • No Harsh Chemicals

    No Harsh Chemicals

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