How to Exfoliate your Body for Softer Skin!

How to Exfoliate your Body for Softer Skin!

Now that winter is behind us it’s time to shed our dead skin! A loofah isn’t going to cut it anymore… The skin on our legs, and arms are a lot tougher than our face or bikini line, we need a stronger scrub to ensure the complete removal of any dead flakes so soft healthy skin can grow. Here is the perfect exfoliation routine for softer glowing skin. 

Pick your poison 

There are lots of better options when it comes to exfoliating the body: dry brush, exfoliating gloves, Amazing body scrub or hott foot pediscrub. We suggest using a combo of a scrub and a tool.  Amazing body scrub and dry brush, or hott foot pediscrub and exfoliating gloves or vice versa. Not at the same time but switching from one to the next throughout the week. 

How often should I exfoliate my body? 

Two to three times a week is the general rule of thumb when it comes to exfoliating the body. We suggest using a scrub twice a week alongside a tool: gloves or dry brush once a week. 

How to use: scrubs 

  During your shower take some scrub (Amazing or Hott Foot Pediscrub) and gently massage into the skin to get a good lather. Make sure to get your entire leg including the bum (not between cheeks or intimate area), arms, chest and back. Then rinse. After you’re done follow with a body lotion, oil or butter to hydrate and protect your skin.

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How to use: dry brush 

Before hopping into the shower, use the dry brush (keep it dry) on dry skin.  Brush your entire body in circular upward motions. Then rinse off, and continue your regular shower routine.

How to use: exfoliating gloves

Wet your gloves, and skin.  Apply body wash, or body soap to your gloves and get a good lather.  Massage into your skin in circular motions.   Then rinse.

Lastly do not forget to follow up with a lotion to keep your skin hydrated and super soft! Always apply your body lotion, oil or butter to damp skin in order to look in that moisture.  

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- Ffion, Digital Media Specialist 

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