Facials are so great! Why not bring a friend ?

Facials are so great! Why not bring a friend ?

We know the importance of taking care of our skin, especially in the winter. Trying to keep up personally and professionally can be a daunting task with not enough hours in the day. How are we supposed to socialize and keep on top of looking and feeling our best all at the same time? A facial, especially with a friend, can have you feeling like you are taking care of yourself as well as your bestie. 

Put a smile on your BFF’s face, while also treating yourself to the relaxing face, scalp and neck massage that is included in every facial. How? Cher-Mere is offering BFF Tandem facials, for only $195 (for both facials!) and a complimentary Cher-Mere Natural Product (Savings of over $100). 

Tandem Facials, will include your bestie and you having a great time in the same room until the end of April at Cher-Mere West. Interested in learning more about your skin beforehand,  both Cher-Mere locations we are offering FREE 10-minute Skin Analysis and if you book in for a facial on the same day that you come in for a skin analysis, then the cost of your solo-facial is only $99. To make it even better we will be offering 50% off all our skincare products! 

Self-care is one of the most popular topics right now, and for good reason. We can’t pour from an empty cup, or as we prefer to say, can’t moisturize with the contents of an empty tube. Part of self-care is spending time with those who fill your moisturizer bottle with all of the best ingredients for the soul, so why not kill two birds with one facial?

Visiting the spa with a friend is as close to the perfect day you can get. You have time to catch up and connect while nourishing your skin with a facial, reaping the benefits of not only the treatment but the company and relaxation. It’s the perfect blend of comfortable quiet time while having an experience with your favorite friend that you will both remember all of, and actually feel way better the next day.

What we see on our face is just the tip of the iceberg; okay enough talk about the cold we’re freezing too! When we think about our products, created with the heart and soul and warmth of Trinidad and Tobago, combined with the warmth and love that can only come from environmentally and ethically conscious products, we want the products to sink in as deeply as possible and the essence of the attention to detail to seep past your cells right into the metaphorical pores of your soul. 

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