Facials are the best and here's why!

Facials are the best and here's why!

I am sure that you can find hundreds of articles about the benefits of facials but this is not one them. I am sharing with you why I think they are the best. To me its similar to that feeling just after you have cleaned something, whether it be that messy drawer (we all have one); your house or your car - that feeling of accomplishment and contentment all bundled into one.

Facials have a utilitarian purpose to provide a deeper cleansing of pores than we can at home. Our face is inundated daily with different elements: environmental; fingers touching our face after touching who knows what;, and makeup, to name a few. Facials help to give you a deep clean, promote circulation to the surface of the skin and help remove dead skin. 

Aside from that and the maybe 5 minutes of uncomfortable extractions, the rest of it is divine. Our facials at Cher-Mere start with a deep cleansing, using two different cleansers, the first designed to deep clean, the second a gentle exfoliant. This is followed by an analysis of your skin, where we use this opportunity to talk about your skin and choose the best line to use in your facial. We manufacture our own natural products and have lines for oily to combination, dry to sensitive and acne prone skin. Once the analysis is through, we steam the skin to open the pores so and to allow for easier extraction of any deep seated impurities. We tone, use a high frequency to kill any bacteria and ensure  no infection. An amazing face massage and masking rounds off the facial. The whole experience leaves you feeling like you are floating on air.

Every Monday, we have a Markdown Monday, you can experience our deep cleansing aromatherapy facial for $49. Book online: https://cher-mere.ca/pages/online-bookings or call 613-767-6652.




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