Getting your hair through winter!

Getting your hair through winter!

As the winter season approaches, so to does cold dry air. Here are some of Aba's Winter Hair Tips! 

1. Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water, it is cold, dry, windy and we often forget to drink water. Staying hydrating does benefits for your whole body and hair. 

2. Don't freak out! With changing season, some people may experience a bit more shedding during this time. Getting your hair trimed every 6- 8 weeks is beneficially in maintain your healthy mane. Trimming the ends, will reduce single strand, fairy knots and split ends. 

3. Cold weather + Heaters inside the home = Increased dryness for your hair! Get a vapourizer to add some moisture to your hair and try to keep hair protected when outside, with a scarf, hat or protective styles. 

4. Moisturize! Treat your hair to some extra moisture loving during the winter. Add in additional conditioning steams to your routine. Wash and go less. Use more moisturizing butters like Cher-Mere INatural Curling Butter

5. Protective Styles are your friend! They keep the most vunerable part of your hair the ends, tucked in and moisturized.

We love hearing from you? Do you have other hair tips for maintaining curls in the Winter?  

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