Let's talk Protective Styles

Let's talk Protective Styles

Protective styles is an option that can be used to minimize some of the stresses, environmental or otherwise that is placed particularly on naturally curly hair.

As we change seasons from fall to winter, there is a distinct change in the environment from one that is more humid to one that is drier. Curly hair by nature requires moisture to minimize frizz, brittleness and dryness. Thus, the combination of changing seasons and hair that requires moisture means that a little extra care is needed - protective styles are one option. 

As the name protective style implies, it is one that usually has the main attributes, which is that the ends of the hair are tucked away so that they retain their moisturize. Protective styles can be a tucked updo, two strand twists, braided styles, a wig, crochet braids, bantu knots and the list goes on!

Regardless of the type of protective style you choose wear, make sure to keep moisturized by: 

  • Nourish your hair with oils and curling butters such as those in our Cher-Mere INatural Conditioning line before styling and for maintenance as necessary; 
  • Wear a scarf to bed; and 
  • Wear a hat when going out in very cold weather ; 

Talk to us, tell us what types of protective styles you do! Check out our Two Strand Twist Bantu Knot Video.  


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