Microblading at Cher-Mere Canada

Microblading....Is it for me?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique used to construct or fill in missing eyebrows to give the desired shape using a microblade. Check out our video here on the Microblading process at Cher-Mère. 



I have had my eyebrows micobladed for over a year and recently had a touch up. Here are some questions that I had and that are frequently asked by clients. 

1.  Does it hurt? 

The answer to this questions changes for each person, it is not that the process is painful per se but there are repetitive microcuts being made through your skin. For me personally, it wasn't the cutting as I knew that would happen but really it was the sounds of the cutting that I noticed. 

2. Are my eyebrows going to look like I have on stage makeup for a musical production? 

Sometimes it may be daunting when choosing the colours to use for microblading. However, the dyes fade up to 30% within the first few weeks and therefore may look a bit dark in the beginning but then they level out to blend in to a more natural look.  I wish I knew this the first time I did my brows, as I was a bit tentative and went very light, so when I went in for my 6 week touch up, I took it up a few notches. 

3. What is the aftercare? 

The premise behind microblading is that you make small brow-like incision into the brow, to mimic that of a eyebrow hair and then you place dye into the incision. This dye has to heal into opening and allow for your skin to grow over. This process occurs and the brow will scab over. DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH, WET YOUR EYEBROWS FOR 2-3 WEEKS.  This is because if you do the aforementioned, you will remove the dye from your skin before it has a chance to heal over and seal in the stroke. The key during this stage is to use healing balm, coconut oil and vaseline to protect when getting into wet situations.  If you get your brows wet, or pick at it, then your results may not be what you expected. 

4. How long does it last? 

Microbladed eyebrows last about 1 year and can last longer depending on your skin type and age. Yearly touch ups are suggested. After your first visit, a 6 week visit is included to fill in any stokes that may have been missed during the initial session and with healing. 

5. Is there downtime? 

There is no downtime, just be aware about not getting the brows wet within the first few weeks! 


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