Protecting hair with Protectagen.

Protecting hair with Protectagen.

It's rarely known about by the general masses but this substance is very useful in hair growth and regeneration but what is it? According to Protectagen is a rice extract found to boost proteins linked to stem cell functions to optimise the hair growth cycle. It helps boost markers of hair follicle stem cells associated with hair regeneration. This product may help preserve against UV rays and  harmful sun exposure.

Protectagen has been used since ancient times in parts of Asia by women who washed their hair with rice water to gain the benefits of the substance. The results? Long flowing thick shiny hair that enhanced and accentuates their timely beauty. After finding out this we were bent on bringing these benefits to persons who may be having problems with hair growth and thinning hair. Many men and women have this problem of thinning hair but how can we use the benefits of protectagen to help them? Our Biochemist and Managing Director, Ms Cheryl Bowles, formulated our Thinning Hair line specifically to help persons with thinning hair with a natural alternative to what is currently offered in the market. Our Thinning Hair Line consists of 3 products each designed to work with each other to give the user the best chance of optimal growth and hair thickness. These products are the Thinning Hair Deep Conditioner, Thinning Hair Moisturizer, and Thinning Hair Nourishing Oil.

Cher-Mère Hair Organics Thinning Hair Line is enriched with Organic Certified Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut Oil, Protectagen (rice protein), and Vitamin E. Now that you know this information share this with someone who may be suffering with thinning hair. 

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