What's the deal with Lash Lifting?

What's the deal with Lash Lifting?

 There are so many options when it comes to our eyelashes – do we curl them, add extensions, bulk on the mascara, add fake eyelashes? Lash lifting is another option that can save time and give your eyes a more open appearance. Lash lifting updates the old-fashioned lash perm that used sponge rods to wrap lashes to a process that uses curved silicone pads to which the lashes are adhered.

Similar to eyelash extensions, protective pads are used to cover the bottom lashes. Once the bottom lashes are covered, the top lashes are lifted along curved silicone pads ensuring that each lash stays in place. Once the lashes are lifted and glued to the pad, a perm solution is added to the roots of the lashes. The solution is in a gel form and is brightly coloured to ensure that the esthetician can place the gel safely onto your eyes. Once the gel is removed, a setting gel is then placed on the lashes. Once the gel is set, a tint is applied to give your lashes more of a pop and stand out.

The treatment takes 1 hour and the lift lasts 4-6 weeks.

Lash lifting is a great way to use your own lashes and give your open up the appearance of your with a upward lift that appears longer, darker and fuller.

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