Mother's Day LWS

There is something special about a hand-written card or letter. There's an essence to them that just doesn't exist in digital communication. And that essence is slowly slipping away from us in the age of texting and social media.

We are inspired by Barb at who hosts monthly letter-writing socials, and since April is National Letter Writing Month, we decided to host our own!

Our first LWS will focus on Mother’s Day. You will have the opportunity to write a heartfelt letter or card to your mother, grandmother, aunt or other significant woman in your life. 

We will also be hosting a LWS for you to bring your kids.

Tickets are $20.00 (+handling fees) per person and include all supplies, munchies, some wine or sparkling water and, of course, postage (within Canada). Space is limited! Click here to purchase tickets.

Tickets for the kid session are $15 and include all supplies and tasty treat plate and postage within Canada. Space is limited! Click here to purchase tickets.