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Cher-Mere Protector Cream is the answer to skin dryness. With cocoa butter being the main ingredient, the protector cream forms a protective barrier to seal moisture in.

Who should use this product? 

  • Persons with dry skin should use this product.
  • This products is also great for all skin types during the winter to combat the cold temperatures and the effects of all the elements on your face during that time. 


1. Clean with one of the Cher-Mère Cleansers.
2. After cleansing with Cher-Mère Herbal Cleanser, apply Cher-Mère
Toner 2 to damp cotton wool and gently tone the skin using light upward strokes.
3. At night (day and night in the winter) use the protector cream for moisture. 


Customer Reviews

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Love it.

I’ve been looking for a heavier night cream and this works so well on my dry skin - especially in winter. I also use it first thing in AM.