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We know that you got to love your curls for your curls to love you back. 

Cher-Mère Inatural line is made specifically for kinky and curly hair types. Enriched with Moringa, certified organic Jojoba, Coconut oils and Shea butter, the line consists of: Leave-in Conditioning Creme, Conditioning Oil, Conditioning Hair Refresher,  Curling Butter and Moisture Therapy

The  Cher-Mère Inatural line should be used in a layering method to seal the product into the hair to maximize moisture retention into the hair shaft. As the name implies, the LOC stands for the liquid, oil, cream method, which also describes the order in which the products should be applied. 

1. First the "L" : Add the water based Cher-Mère Inatural Conditioning Cream to for easy detangling of curls. 

2. Second, the "O" : Add the Cher-Mère Inatural Conditioning Oil, which is infused with organic Jojoba, Avocado and Moringa oils, which moisturize and repair dry hair.

3. Lastly, the "C": Seal it all in with the Cher-Mère Inatural Curling Butter. This Shea butter based curling butter, seals in the conditioning oil and provides a protective layer around the hair shaft. 

The Cher-Mère Inatural Hair Refresher and Cher-Mère Inatural Moisture Hair Therapy can be used during the week as a lighter sealant in the hair on wet or dry hair. 

This spa box contains four of our INATRUAL products. 

Your curls will thank you!

Customer Reviews

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Susan Kaliski
Curl box

Haven't tried it yet. A bit confused I don't rinse in between just put one after another on my hair?

Raveen Pal

Love your curls Spa Box

Mona Rahman
A big hit

My boys love these products and how it makes their hair soft. (although they would respectfully ask others not to touch their hair please and thank you ;-) )

Kim Boultbee
Best ever

I bought the putty about a year ago and had to get more best produce on the market!!!!😃😃😃


This is a must-have for anyone with curly hair. I cannot rate it high enough. My hair is soft and moisturized and my curls bounce. There is no crunch whatsoever. And the smell is wonderful. Plus this is a local, socially-conscious business and the customer service is unparalleled. I wish I had heard about Cher Mère sooner!