Reclaiming your time!

Reclaiming your time!

We have all been there, rushing around doing one thing or another, completing a task whether it be work or personal for someone else. Well, perhaps we can take a page from Ms. Maxine Walters and RECLAIM OUR OWN TIME! 

It is interesting how easily we can make space for other things, other people, and other activities but when it comes to doing something for ourselves we often cannot carve out that same time. Interestingly, when we do take some time for ourselves, we often relish in the moment and often wonder why it is not done more often. 

We think that self care is important and as such we offer Cher-Mère Spa Membership. For $22/biweekly for 6 months, the membership allows you to chose one service a month form a selected menu. In addition to the monthly service, as a thank you for signing up, a 60 minute deep cleansing aromatherapy facial is added to your membership. Lastly, you will receive 20% off any Cher-Mère products or additional services. Check out our video on our membership: 


Reclaim your time and sign up for our Spa Membership: 



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